Kanban customizable columns, “under the hood”

Kanban customizable columns, “under the hood”

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Kanban customizable columns was made publicly available on the March 4 service update, and will be available in the RC version of VS Update 2.

You can read the release notes for an overview of the feature itself. The purpose of this blog post is to talk about what’s going on under the hood of this new feature.

With this feature, we’ve added an additional data element called “Kanban Column”. This stores which column on the team’s kanban board the work item is in. This is separate from, but related to the State field.

When designing this feature, we considered just adding another field to the User Story / Requirement / Product Backlog Item work item types called “Kanban Column”, but that would require existing customers to have to update their work item type definitions to utilize the feature. And, since the board’s column configuration was meant to be scoped to a team, using a “global field” didn’t work well.

Introducing, the WIT Extension

We created a new work item tracking element we call a WIT Extension, which allows you to attach to an individual work item a field and a set of rules dynamically, at run-time, without updating the work item type definition. I underlined that last part, because that’s pretty exciting stuff.

For this feature, we created the Kanban Column WIT Extension, which contains a single field “Kanban Column”, and a set of rules on that field. In this case, the rules ensure that the State and Column are kept in synch, as per the State/Column mappings defined in the Customize Columns dialog. For example, if you have the following column configuration:


We generate rules that look like this:


These rules fire when you drag an item to a Kanban Column, and we automatically update the State:


We also generate the rules in reverse, like this:


So that when you update the State, we automatically update the Kanban Column:




The Kanban Column field is scoped to the team, and appears as follows in the work item history. Note how the field is scoped to [Team Project\Team Name].



How are WIT Extensions attached to work items?

WIT Extensions are only attached to individual work items when those work items appear on a backlog. When an item is added to a backlog, the WIT Extension is attached, the field exists, and the rules are run. If a work item is removed from a backlog, then the WIT Extension is detached from the work item, and the field no longer exists, and the rules are no longer run.

Attaching/detaching is done dynamically via the WIT Extension’s predicate, which defines an expression which, if evaluated as TRUE, will attach an extension to the work item, or detach if FALSE. For each TFS Team, we create a unique Kanban Column WIT Extension that with a predicate that matches that team’s product backlog query. This is done automatically for you when you create the team. On every save, we will evaluate the work item against the set of WIT Extensions (one for every team), and will attach/detach as needed.

For example,. if change the area path, and move the work item from one backlog to another, TFS detaches the extension for the original team, and attaches the extension of the destination team. In the example below, we changed the area path to move it from Team B’s backlog to Team A’s backlog.


The “Extension Marker” field shows whether the WIT Extension is attached or not. You’ll also notice that the Kanban Column has a new value for Team A. How did we know how to do that? The current state of the work item was “Active”. We ran the rules on Team A’s WIT Extension, and the default column for “State=Active” was “Working”, and set it automatically.


Can work items be on multiple boards?

You can configure two teams to own the same area path. Its not recommended, but it is possible. In this case, the work item would have two WIT Extensions attached to it. For example, let’s say both “Team A” and “Team A Clone” are configured to have the same area path. The predicate for the WIT Extension for both teams are identical and both would evaluate as true. In effect, the item appears on two different boards at the same time. But what happens if you change the column on one board? Here’s the answer:

Here is Team A’s board and column configuration:



Here is Team A Clone’s board and column configuration:





The work item “Item 1” is the same work item, but appearing in two different places. What happens, if I drag “item 1” from “WORKING” to “VERIFICATION” on Team A’s board:


TFS will run the rules on both extensions. It will look something like this:

Team A: When Kanban Column = Verification, then State must be Resolved.

Team B: When State = Resolved, then Kanban Column must be one of: “Testing”, if not set to default column (which is Testing)

This will produce a work item revision that looks like this:



As you can see the new WIT Extension paradigm is pretty powerful. We have written it for the Kanban – Customizable Columns feature, but our goal is to expand the functionality to have parity with other work item fields. For example, while the field will show up in the work item history and is available from the object model, it is not available for queries, reporting, excel/project integration, and can’t be displayed on the work item form.

Eventually, we want to allow WIT Extensions to be created by our customers, allow the process to be defined in a much more componentized manner, rather than the monolithic way it is today.


For now, whenever you drag that tile from one kanban column to another, just know that there is a powerful new component in work item tracking that is managing the stuff under the hood.

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  • Here is my success story with this new feature! geekswithblogs.net/.../tfskanbanboardswimlanecustomizationtobettermanagetheproductbacklog.aspx Thank you guys for delivering such a great feature.

  • Gregg,

    Will these dynamic fields ever be available for querying?

    I would love this feature to be available for the Sprint Board as well - since we can't customize workitems with TFS Service we a left with the defaults - this would give us a way to customize our workflow without modifying workitems - any hope of that sometime soon?

  • @Bryan, that is absolutely our goal. Doing so is not at the top of our backlog currently. We wanted to get the kanban feature done first.

  • Great work!!!

    +1 for making WIT Extension fields firs class citizens (queryable, reportable and form showable), and looking forward to having official documentation on how to create custom WIT Extensions.

        Alessandro Forcina

  • Hope you guys aren't 'done' with the kanban board.... I posted this to Brian H's blog a few months bag and read 'we don't have many of those features'...we would love to move off rally and use TFS...but we need feature parity...so with this new functionality can you help me understand:

    1) Can I order the cards in priority order on each swim lane?

    2) Can I specify colors on the cards or can I specify colors on individual swim lanes?

    3) Can I add notes on each card without having to open each work item?

    4) Can I see previous Kanban backlog boards by release?

    5) Can I visually indicate that an item(s) is of critical importance?

    6) How can I tag things on the Kanban board?

    7) Can I see story points on the cards on the kanban board (or how about other fields like priority)?

    8) How can I lock down who can move items between swim lanes?

    9) How can set hard WIT limits so that items are moved to the next state?

    10) How can I get email alerts when items are moved between swim lanes (I get the email alerts for the fields but can I get a graphically email view of the board emailed to me)?

  • Boards without this feature were not very useful, it should have come earlier :-)

    It should be possible to customise the query of work items for a particular board as well.

    Good stuff..

  • @Rishikesh Parkhe, Agreed that without this feature, boards are not very useful AND I would have loved to bring this out sooner.

    On the query, what kind of customizations would you want to do? Is it filtering down the list, or are you wanting to expand the list items that are not on your team's backlog?

  • Can we create multiple Kanban boards for different teams? We have multiple teams working in parallel and independent boards are a necessity.



  • @Leo Barcenas, each team has their own independent Kanban board. However, you cannot create multiple Kanban boards for a single team. Is that what you are looking for? If so, please explain why you want it. I'd love to hear.

  • How can i customize the colors? Everything is blue....

  • The feature itself is nice, but not very "customizable" yet.

    I am really missing the possibilty to have new states assigned to the columns. We have a custom state "Implemented" for our "Product Backlog" work items (don't ask for the reasons) and it is not possible to assign it via the kanban board :(

    Please let me know, if there is a way to do that or when you plan to open this "WIT extension" to be more customizable.



  • Found the state now, working fine, must be a refresh problem.

    Sorry for the first post, but more options would be nice anyway -g-



  • Gregg - I just got the new TFS 2013 installed and got playing around with this.  Is this field available via queries now?

  • @Bruce, you cannot do that today. We are working to add that functionality soon.

  • Hello Gregg,

    What is the criteria for which items are displayed in the Done column?

    There are many more items that are Done than show.  But what does show is very old.

    We can't figure out the formula for deciding what appears in this column.

    - Bruce

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