.NET Memory Allocation Profiling

.NET Memory Allocation Profiling

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In Visual Studio we ship a .NET allocation profiler feature that is documented on MSDN here, here, here, and here. Note how this feature was available in the Premium edition of Visual Studio but as of VS2012 we ship this feature in the Professional SKU!

We have heard from customers that have mismatched expectations on the capabilities and usage of the tool, incorrectly expecting that it is a good tool to help them with memory leaks. In fact, the intent of that tool is to help with bad GC allocation patterns. To demonstrate the intended usage Stephen Toub has written an excellent blog post over on the .NET blog that I strongly encourage you to go over and read:

.NET Memory Allocation Profiling with Visual Studio 2012


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  • I am doing these steps with VS2012 on Windows 8 with a Service and the memory profiling consumes all of my available disk space (120 Gb), never finishes and never stops when I tell it to stop.  I have to either kill it or reboot the system and sometimes manually clean up files to recover my disk space.  CPU profiling works great, fine, wonderfully, etc.....  Help!!

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