Learn IntelliTrace

Learn IntelliTrace

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There’s a lot of good content on IntelliTrace and we’ve grabbed a few links here to have in one place. If you’ve got some time and want to get to know more about IntelliTrace in Visual Studio these are great places to go.

Zain Naboulsi on Understanding IntelliTrace:

IntelliTrace tips and tricks from Colin Dembovsky:

A couple of interesting reads in the context of DevOps:

There are some posts in the context of using IntelliTrace with specific technologies:

There's also some advanced ways to use IntelliTrace

Of course, we on the IntelliTrace Team continue to blog about the brand new features we are adding, for example:

If you prefer videos, our own Larry Guger is responsible for many which are included in the list below:

John Robbins of Wintellect has a few videos walking through using IntelliTrace for debugging

If you want to give IntelliTrace a spin yourself Brian Keller has collated various ALM Hands-on-labs and some instructions for getting started:

And of course there’s always the IntelliTrace MSDN documentation for a closer look at the IntelliTrace functionality.

Still have questions? Visit our Visual Studio Diagnostics forum on MSDN. 

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  • The "IntelliTrace Deep Dive" (tr16.techreadytv.com/.../DEV304) link redirect me to a Corp portal. Any other way to watch the video?

  • Gregory, you're correct that video is on an Microsoft corporate facing site. I took a look and it doesn't appear that that video is available externally. Larry covers a lot of the same material in his other videos so you won't be missing out on content. I pulled that link from the post and I apologize for the confusion.


  • If you would like to get a full training on this topic, may I shamelessly point you to the training I build at Pluralsight covering all details including the under the hood stuff and how to create custom collection plans

    pluralsight.com/.../intellitrace, you can read more about this on this blog as well here: blogs.msdn.com/.../5-hour-intellitrace-course-is-now-available-online.aspx

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