Start learning the concepts of DevOps & Release Management

Start learning the concepts of DevOps & Release Management

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This blog post has moved to ALM Rangers blog on,  where we introduce the solution in combination with the upcoming the Patterns & Practices book “Building a Release Pipeline with TFS ” – it’s a great way to start learning the concepts of DevOps & Release Management for TFS 2012 and to kick the tires in implementing it.

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  • the link http://aka/ms/vsarNews4 seems to be broken

  • the correct link is

  • @DS19, the link has been corrected.

  • Where is the documentation on how to use the tool? I can't even find a readme.

  • I have the add-in loaded in VS 2012 team explorer, but I can't seem to get it to install in VS 2013 RC. I guess it's a beta, when will we have a version that works with 2013?

  • @Keith, please keep an eye on and for announcements on this project and related initiatives, such as the companion p&p “Building a Release Pipeline with TFS” book. The team has released a poster, a cheat-sheet and a developers guide on so far, with a user’s guide and a hands-on lab in the pipeline. All bits will be released as one when the quality bars are met and the project is completed. The interim drops are geared to enable early exploration as part of the BETA.

  • @Kevin, we are targeting 2012 with the BETA, but we have raised a bug against the VS Extension installer for 2013.

  • So this will or won't work with TFS 2013 and VS 2013?

  • @John, for TFS 2013 you should review the release management capabilities of Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013 instead.

  • I have VS 2013RC and TFS 2013RC installed and I can't get the build drop down to populate. Are the rangers using VS 2013 with this project? Documentation for TFS 2013 would be helpful.

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