Using Internet Explorer 11 and not able to record a web performance test successfully?

Using Internet Explorer 11 and not able to record a web performance test successfully?

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Are you trying to add a recording to your Visual Studio Web Performance test with Internet Explorer 11 or Windows 8.1 (which uses IE 11) and are not successful in doing so?  The cause is IE 11 enables - Enhanced Protection Mode setting by default, which doesn’t allows Microsoft Web Test Recorder add-on to be enabled. Luckily, there is an easy workaround for now. Just follow the following simple steps to enable the recording for your web performance test.

 1.Disable Enhanced Protection Mode

Open ‘Advanced’ tab in Internet Explorer and visit Internet Options from:

Tools (Alt +X) -> Internet Options -> Advanced

Uncheck the checkbox for ‘Enabled Enhanced Protected Mode*’ and click Apply.
2. Restart the computer to make the new settings effective

Restart the computer to make the new Internet Explorer settings effective. Again open your Internet Explorer to enable the add-ons required for Web test recording.

‘Visit Tools ( Alt+X) -> Manage add-ons’ and make sure that Microsoft Web Test recorder 10.0 is enabled .

3. Start recording web performance test

You are all set to start the recording of HTTP requests for your web performance test.

4. If the above mentioned solution is not working for you , then perform the following steps:

a. Close all Internet Explorer windows and Visual Studio.

b. Delete the following registry keys



c. Restart the VS and start recording from the web test.


Also note, that we are working on fixing this and this is a workaround for some time.

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  • So developers should always use Chrome or Firefox for normal browsing, as Internet Explorer has become a dedicated tool for test recording. Nice one :)

  • @Manas Maheshwari, thank you so much for elaborating on performance recorder. By any chance, if you know anyone from IE's printing team, can you please escalate these two bugs:



    I hope they will consider it, especially if its coming from someone they know.


  • Will EPM be supported for future WP test release? I'm not comfortable that I have to disable EPM just to do WP test.


  • @Real McCoy: I will definitely try passing your information to the IE team.

    @Maximilian Haru Raditya: You can open the Visual Studio in admin mode and then you do not need to disable EPM. I hope that works for you.

  • I tried above mentioned troubleshoot technique in IE 11. But there wasn't such settings to disable. IE version is IE11 Version 11.0.9600.16476IS. Provide alternative solution for the above

  • Using VS 2013 Ultimate and IE 11 none of these workarounds work.

    I'd copy the version numbers of VS 2013 and IE 11, but the UI does not allow it, so I'll be equally lazy and just not let you know...

  • These instructions were missing one crucial piece of advice. I also needed to make sure that in my IE add-ons the Microsoft Web Test Recorder 12.0 Helper was enabled as well as Web Test Recorder 12.0.

    So VS2013 update 2 with IE11 does work with the web test recorder.

    Really frustrating.

  • VS2013 IE11 did all of the above and did not work. It is still greyed out

  • Neither workaround does anything for me. Considering how VS Ultimate 2013 costs, this is very disappointing to say the least

  • neither of these solutions worked. But after all this i opened IE and and disabled both add-ons. Closed IE. Opened it again and enabled both those add ons. Then it started working.

  • Work around it will work. I did the same think. It is working fine.

  • I did what Reigo P commented and worked for me, thanks!

    good job MS! as usual

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