Coded UI\ MTM Issues on Internet Explorer with KB2870699

Coded UI\ MTM Issues on Internet Explorer with KB2870699

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Update: Fix for VS 2012 is now available here

Fix for VS 2010 SP1 is now available here





There was a recent security update (KB2870699) rolled out on Internet Explorer which has made some changes on IE11\IE10\IE9, affecting Coded UI Tests, MTM Record and Playback and MTM Exploratory Testing on IE. The issues may manifest in one or more of the following ways:-


Recording Time

While recording, navigation to a new page, followed by some action results in the below error. No action gets recorded:-




Playback Time

During playback of existing tests, one of the below exceptions causes the test to fail, usually after a page navigation:-


  1. Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.FailedToPerformActionOnHiddenControlException: Cannot perform 'Click' on the hidden control. Additional Details:
  2. Cannot perform 'SetProperty of Text with value "VS2012"' on the hidden control. Additional Details:

              TechnologyName:  'Web'

              ControlType:  'Edit'

  1. Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.FailedToPerformActionOnBlockedControlException



Verify that you have the following IE update (KB2870699) and proceed with the below resolutions.


  1. If you have VS2013 Preview – this issue is already fixed and you will not hit any issues.
  2. If you have VS2012 Update 3 or below - Please update to the latest VS Update 4 RC. This can be downloaded from  here and will fix this issue.
  3. If you have VS2010 SP1– We now have a released patch. Please download the same from here.




  1. Uninstall KB2870699 IE Update (this would’ve been installed sometime last week) – From Control Panel -> Installed Updates
  2. And disable Automatic IE Updates on your test machines (by disabling the checkbox “Install new versions automatically”) on IE ->Help-> About Internet Explorer Dialog as shown below



Note: This is a temporary workaround and should be used only when needed, you will be disabling important IE security updates from getting installed on your system.

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  • Hello, i'm using VS 2012 and i don't have the IE update installed but the problem persists. i have disable Automatic IE updates. Do u have any other workarounds?

  • Yes, Our team is also facing this issue...

    Waiting for the fix...

  • Hi

    Can you folks provide details for your issues? This is a very specific issue wherein during recording, after you navigate from 1 page to another- when you record the next action, you will see the error as mentioned above.

    This will only affect users of IE10\IE9 with the mentioned IE update. Or IE11 users with VS Update 3.

    Can you please share details regarding,

    1. Which Visual Studio Version and which update are you on (Details can be fond by going to Help-> About).

    2. Against which IE version are you seeing this issue?Please provide complete version number including the KB by going to Help-> About on IE.

    3. If your setup is different from what is mentioned in the blog above, and this issue is being seen only for a specific case- say only for some of your test app scenarios, this might be a very specific issue related to your test app, you can post a question along with the details on our forums -

  • hi,

    i'm using:

    1- VS Premium 2012, Version 11.0.50727.1 RTMREL; Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.50709.

    2- IE version 10.0.9 (KB2870699) but this update does not appear in 'Installed updates'

    i get that kind of error every time i want to make an action, like writing in a textbox or clicking on a button or menu item.

  • I am running into the same problem and the action recordings from MTM are basically hosed. I've unistalled the patches from my tester's machines and still we are experiencing the problem on our Server 2008 R2 boxes. Our Windows 7 machines work fine...but then our test agent machine which is server 2008 R2 does work when we run our action recordings there. Help!?!?!

  • but then our test agent machine which is server 2008 R2 does NOT work when we run our action recordings there.  Forgot the NOT part. We can't upgrade to pre-release software. We are running Update 3 across the board.

  • Hi Kevin\SD

    You are both hitting the exact issue mentioned in this blog. This KB comes up as a Windows Security Update on Installed Updates. You may want to consider the workaround temporarily, but be aware that you would be uninstalling an important Security Update. We assure you we are working to get this fixed at the earliest, and I will update this blog as soon as the fix is released, expected in about 2 weeks.

  • The problem that i face is that i have no security update with KB2870699 in my 'Installed Update'

  • i have 2 other security update with: KB2872339 and KB2876315. does any of these cause the same problem in Coded UI playback?

  • KB2870699 is also causing issues where our installer certificates are throwing up ugly warnings when customers attempt to download our software.  Right now it is really frustrating, as we have to field calls all day long with concerned customers thinking their is something wrong with our software.  Telling them to uninstall KB2870699 may solve the problem, but it doesn't solve the problem of them calling in the first place.

  • @David: I assume the installer certificate issues are unrelated to Coded UI Test. If so, please report this in the IE forum to get better help.

    If you are seeing any issues in Coded UI Test, feel free to write the in details here and we can help take a look.

  • Hi SD

    The 2 updates you mentioned are part of a bundle of Microsoft updates that were rolled out altogether around the 12th of Sept. However, the specific KB affecting IE is 2870699. I am adding some links to IE forums, can you please ask them for any alternative ways that you could, if you wish to, uninstall the update. Uninstalling the others will not fix the problem.

  • I have two different test PCs at work.  The Coded UIs have been failing on both.  The first PC has IE9 and has KB2870699 installed.  I uninstalled KB2870699 and the Coded UIs now run without any problems.  The second PC has IE10 installed.  KB2870699 does not show up in the list of updates, so I was unable to uninstall it.  Is KB2870699 rolled into the IE10 installation?  I rolled back to IE9 and KB2870699 then showed up in the list of installed updates.  I uninstalled it and the Coded UIs now run without any problems.

    The important question is...when is this bug going to be fixed?  Our organization will be pushing IE10 out to everyone at some point and the Coded UIs must work.

  • eventhough i uninstalled IE10 and it downgraded to IE8, the kb2870699 is not showing.

  • I am unable to uninstall this KB2870699. I get the message "An Error has occurred. Not all of the updates were successfully uninstalled"

    I am running Windows 8 with IE 10 and tried the following but still no luck!

    1. uninstall - install IE 10

    2. Upgrade to VS 2012 Update 4 (RC)

    what else can i try ? (this is a BLOCKER!!)

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