Breakpoints in Visual Studio 2013

Breakpoints in Visual Studio 2013

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You are likely familiar with the basic breakpoints functionality in Visual Studio.  You click in the editor gutter/margin to create a red circle next to a line of code, and then your app stops at that location when any thread in your code reaches that location, so that you can inspect state using the debugger windows.

What you may not be familiar with is the set of advanced breakpoints features that are available in Visual Studio.  Over the next week, we will be publishing a set of blog posts that will demonstrate each of the kinds of advanced breakpoints that are available and how they can be applied to solve real problems.  As the posts are published, we will link to them from here.


We encourage you to leave comments with feedback on how you use breakpoints or on what additional breakpoint functionality you would like to see.  You can also make suggestions and cast votes at

You can also read about breakpoints in our MSDN documentation.

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  • I'm still waiting for a breakpoint like the one VB6 had that could watch a variable and break anywhere in code when its value changed. That was so useful; why has it never been implemented for .NET? Some technical limitation?

  • Breakpoints on auto properties through the standard UI please :-)

  • I'm with Steve Crane here 100%.  It was the most used debug feature in our office and I'm amazed it still isn't there.  So simple yet so powerful.

  • Bring back ability to run custom code on breakpoint hit. It was previously macro, now macros are dead and are not going to be resurrected. Please allow to run e.g. particular code snippet

  • Excellent series!  I keep getting surprised about the capabilities of Visual Studio -- a system I thought I knew well after using it through various incarnations for over a decade now.  Keep up these blog posts, and thanks.

  • Thanks for the great feedback everyone, please keep it coming! In general we are trying to leverage UserVoice ( as the place for engaging on feature requests.  

    @Steve & Chris – Thanks for the suggestion, please create an item for this on asking for “data breakpoints in managed code”

    @deciberra – Please vote for this at

    @Przemo – Please vote for this at

  • visual studio cant debug by hitting the break points,What can i do to hit the break point in my visual studio,

    i have visual studio express 2013, Windows 7(HOST) and Windows 8.1(TARGET), i have successfully build and deployed the sample driver in the target by network(WIFI) but i can't debug by hitting the break point

  • Please make data breakpoints for .NET please.

  • @Ryan

    Can you, please, vote on

    This is how we track customer suggestions and implement them in order of popularity

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