Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server version control and build

Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server version control and build

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As Charles announced earlier today, we've just released Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2013. I'm here today to briefly highlight what's new in version control and TFBuild and to advise you about a known issue in TFBuild that we're working to fix.

Connecting to a TFVC team project

From your on-premises Team Foundation Server you now have a version control choice: TFVC (centralized) or Git (distributed). We've also expanded capabilities to view and collaborate in your codebase from the web portal. More details about what's new in version control.


You can use Team Foundation Build (TFBuild) to compile code in a TFVC or Git team project, run PowerShell scripts in your build process, and enjoy the benefits of a simpler default build process. More details about what's new in TFBuild.

I need to tell you about one bug we recently discovered that causes a problem in the Queue Build dialog box; specifically, the build process parameters are not rendered properly. We determined that his bug was due to some performance tweaks that we made on the server very late in the cycle.  This bug affects only VS 2013 RTM against TFS 2013 RTM so if you are still using TFS 2012 or TFS 2013 RC with VS 2013 RTM then you won't see it.  Further if you are using VS 2012 against TFS 2013 RTM you won't have this problem (although you will still have the documented version compatibility limitations).

11/13/13: You can get the Visual Studio 2013 Queue Build fix here: KB 2898341.

More info on the new VS ALM capabilities.

Download Visual Studio 2013.

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  • I'm affected by the bug uou mentioned. Is there a way to track when the QFE is released?

  • Same goes here, plus with the new Template we can't find anymore the workflow variables like BuildDetail, which was heavily used in our customizations.

    Any progress with that?

  • Any update on the fix?

    Raffaeu you can still place the workflow activity GetBuildDetails onto the workflow and get an IBuildDetails out

  • Still no news to share on the Queue Build fix. Please stay tuned.

  • You can get the fix for the Queue Build bug here:

  • Where do I install the hotfix, on the server(s), or the workstations with VS 2013?

  • @PBR: The fix patches Visual Studio. Thanks for asking. I've changed the above text to clarify this.

  • Do you know if VS 2010 can connect to TFS 2013?

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