Using a Visual Studio Web Test for availability monitoring in Application Insights

Using a Visual Studio Web Test for availability monitoring in Application Insights

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I am just wrapping up a week at the MVP Summit and one of the System Center MVPs asked me to walk him through creating a Web Test in Visual Studio and using it for Availability monitoring…Of course i promised to do this and as with most good intentions we ran out of time!  I am hoping this blog post will make up for the fact we couldn’t do it during the session! (Cameron – pleasure meeting you!)

Step 1: Creating the Web Test in Visual Studio

This is pretty much a File > New exercise once you are in Visual Studio


After the project is created press the Red record button, record your actions and save the file


Step 2: Creating the Application in Application Insights

It was pointed out to me the “Add Application” menu doesn’t give you the option to create an Application for JUST Availability Monitoring! 

Fortunately creating an application for Availability monitoring is actually easier than the “Choose your adventure” Add Application page!

If the screen shot doesn’t come through the directions are: Overview Menu > Application Menu > New Menu > Enter a Name > Add 



 Step 3: Adding Availability Monitoring to the Application

At this point just clicking on the Availability menu will walk you through creating a URL based test. 

To create a Web Test based Synthetic Transaction press the green “+” sign select “Multi Step Web Test” navigate to the folder you saved your Webtest into and Viola you are done!



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  • Nice sample.

    Thanks for sharing

  • @Durval!

    Thanks man!  Did you get a code to for activating Application Insights?

    If not send me email

  • Hi Chass,

    Do we require MSDN subscriptions for Availability Monitoring ? Does it keeps on monitoring our site hosted on Cloud ?

  • Hello Abraham,

    While Application Insights is in preview it is built on top of Visual Studio Online which can either be a trial account or one that is connect to an MSDN subscription.   Availability monitoring can be connected to any service/end point i can access via a web test so yes you can monitor a site hosted in the cloud.

  • Application Insights works great and adding web tests is one of the features other monitoring tools do not have. Great work!

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