Run your Coded UI tests against Chrome using the Selenium cross-browser plugin

Run your Coded UI tests against Chrome using the Selenium cross-browser plugin

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Had somebody recently asking about running Coded UI Tests against Chrome and thought i would walk through this process:

1. Down load the Cross-browser plugin for Coded UI Test that uses Selenium to run tests against Chrome and Firefox from here:


3. Record a Coded UI test in IE





4. Change the browser to run the same test against Chrome using the BrowserWindow object i.e.

BrowserWindow.CurrentBrowser = "Chrome";


Viola your coded UI Test can now run in Chrome!

For more information please see the following blog posts:

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  • What benefit does this give you over simply using Selenium?

  •  Turns out in this workflow nothing.   We have amended the steps above

    Thanks for reading the blog

  • Unfortunately this requires VS Premium or higher, leaving out the vast majority of Visual Studio developers. Is there a reason that his isn't available for Professional or higher like almost all other extensions?

  • @Charles Thanks for the response. But I meant more generally, like why bother with Coded UI tests when you could just use Selenium inside MSTest?

  • Hi,

    I wanted to know few things for cross browser testing in vs2012.

    Following are the Step

    1-Installed Selenium Component for vs2012

    2-Record Few Controls using IE.

    3-While running the same in Chrome I am getting Error as Control Not Found, where as perfectly working in IE.

    So my question is does the Control search is different for Different Browser?? or It will be Handled by The Selenium Component??

    Do I need to Write Generic Code To Find The Controls for Non IE Browsers??

    Please let me know...

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