Announcing new Application Lifecycle readiness content by the ALM Rangers

Announcing new Application Lifecycle readiness content by the ALM Rangers

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The ALM Rangers have been involved with a bunch of recent Visual Studio 2013 readiness content to help people get up to speed.

1. The Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes – eBook update v1.2 .  Big thanks to Michael Fourie, we have been able to action the backlog of community feedback for recent versions and package as part of the v1.2 eBook update


2. Lab Management Guide … v3 update, which features an interesting lab for Lab Management Standard Environment using Azure IaaS.


3. There is a great collection of Visual Studio 2013 getting started videos now available in FIFTEEN different languages developed by the Cloud & Enterprise International Team.

Special thanks to Carsten Kneip, for making me aware of these gems on Channel9, and Shawn Donat, for being the main driver.


4. Last but definitely not least the Team Foundation Server 2013 Customization book is now available and written by our very own “Never sleeps Ranger” Gordon Beeming.

Team Foundation Server 2013 Customization

For more great Ranger readiness content please see:

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