Code Metrics PowerTool for Visual Studio 2013 Available on Microsoft Download Center

Code Metrics PowerTool for Visual Studio 2013 Available on Microsoft Download Center

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Visual Studio offers the ability to measure your code’s complexity and maintainability with the Code Metrics window. See the MSDN documentation for more information. In the distant past (circa 2011), we introduced a PowerTool that allows you to gather these same measurements from the command-line. This enables straightforward integration of these metrics into the build process.

Each new release of Visual Studio requires a corresponding update of the Code Metrics PowerTool. We are pleased to announce that the Code Metrics PowerTool for Visual Studio 2013 is available on Microsoft Download Center. If you’ve been using one of the previous versions of the Code Metrics PowerTool with Visual Studio 2010 or with Visual Studio 2012, and are looking to upgrade to Visual Studio 2013, you’ll need the latest version of the Code Metrics PowerTool as well.

Do you use the Code Metrics PowerTool? If you’d like us to continue releasing updates of this PowerTool for new versions of Visual Studio, leave us a comment and let us know why it’s important to you. In addition, as always, your feedback is welcome in our MSDN Visual Studio Diagnostics Forum.

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  • Been using 2013 version since the first day it was released by integrating it into our custom build process. It helps us discover design regressions in our code. It would be really appreciated if you kept releasing it in the future.

  • I have been using this tool since the 2010 version - helps us to focus on code complexity and its easy to integrate with our CI chain.

  • Please keep releasing updates for the command line ... it's great to be able to include them in the build process



    PS. the images in the blog post at ... ... are not being found at ...

  • Everyone, thanks for the great feedback. We always like hearing what's important to our customers.

  • Very good to hear. Please keep this updated.

  • Can I use this without visual studio?

  • @Yang, the metrics.exe command line tool requires Visual Studio to be installed in order to run

  • @Dan J Taylor

    Unfortunately we don't have visual studio on our build server, It would be good if it can installed without visual studio.

  • command line tool adds a great value to quality control system when integrated with build.

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