Migrating Your Data from TFS to Visual Studio Online with New Free Utility from OpsHub

Migrating Your Data from TFS to Visual Studio Online with New Free Utility from OpsHub

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Ever since we launched Visual Studio Online in November, we’ve had tremendous success with lots of teams coming to Visual Studio Online for their needs.  We’ve had many Team Foundation Server customers asking us how to move to Visual Studio Online but also take their most important history along with them from on-premises.  I am excited to share with you that we have announced a new migration utility from OpsHub that will help you migrate the most commonly requested data to come to Visual Studio Online:

  • Version control repositories and source code files
  • Work items including links & attachments
  • Test cases
  • Test results
  • Mapping between on-premises Active Directory user accounts and Microsoft Accounts used in Visual Studio Online

You can download the new OpsHub Visual Studio Online Migration Utility on Visual Studio Gallery here:  http://aka.ms/OpsHubVSOMigrationUtility

OpsHub Visual Studio Online Migration Utility

You don’t need to upgrade to the latest version of Team Foundation Server since the migration utility will read from TFS 2010, TFS 2012, or TFS 2013.  The free migration utility handles the most common scenarios and OpsHub also has their already commercially available OpsHub Integration Platform if you find yourself with more advanced scenarios such as:

  • Broad ALM integration support for more than 36 native and out of the box systems
  • Integrations and migrations between Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online, and many other ALM solutions including Atlassian Jira, IBM Rational, HP Quality Center, and many others
  • Two-way synchronizations and migrations
  • History prevention and conflict resolutions between work items during integration/migration process
  • Multiple replication models to support your development organization
  • Customized migration/integration business rules including the ability to support customized TFS process templates


OpsHub Visual Studio Online Migration Utility Screenshot


Tips for Migrations to Visual Studio Online

We suggest you test out your migration before having your team come on board. You’ll want to get a sense of how long your migration will take, see whether you run into any issues to be addressed, and give yourself a chance to inspect the test migration after it is finished. You can always delete the team project in Visual Studio Online and run the migration utility as many times as you need to until you are satisfied with your migration plan.

There’s also now a  great walkthrough on our Getting Started site for going through the migration process:  http://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/get-started/migrate-team-projects-vs.  If you have additional questions about the free migration utility, the OpsHub team will be monitoring your questions on StackOverflow that are tagged with OpsHub and visual-studio-online.


Let us know if you have any additional questions and happy migrating!


Ed Blankenship

Ed Blankenship
Product Manager, Visual Studio Online

Twitter:  @EdBlankenship

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  • Great tool. Thanks for your response to my question on Stack.

    Just wondering if there is any officially supported way to convert TFVC to TFS Git?

  • Can you please support for *authenticated* proxies in this tool as we cannot start testing migration until this feature is available.

  • OpsHub-012010: Processing blocked - earlier event(s) for entity 402 have to be processed first.

    Don't know what to do

  • Hi Ed,

    I really look forward to trying this out. Do you have any comparison with TFS Integration? Thanks.

    Cosme Marley

  • Unfortunately, VSO is VERY restrictive: only one collection, no template customization, cannot change template types, etc..

    And, this tool is very pick about having things named the same thing and can only migrate templates of the same type, so if you are using Scrum in TFS and want to use Agile in VSO, you cannot migrate. Very disappointing. I'm having a hard time seeing any benefit to using VSO at all.

  • This tool seems inadequate. It seems to want to upload all of TFS to the to top level of VS Online.

    For our needs, we want to upload only certain subdirectories in TFS to specific subfolders in VS Online. Is that even possible, or is there an alternative that does so while preserving history?

  • I am looking for a tool that lets me migrate a Visual Studio Online Project from one VS online account to another VS online account.

    So I have a online project at progxxxx.visualstudio.com and want to a new project at globxxx.visualstudio.com.

    Can this tool handle this?

  • The migration stops with an error. I have posted on stackoverflow, but don't get any help to solve it,

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