Multiple Monitor Support for Windows Store Apps in Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

Multiple Monitor Support for Windows Store Apps in Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

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With Windows 8.1, you can drag and move Windows Store apps between multiple monitors. Prior to Visual Studio 2013 Update 3, launching and debugging Store apps from Visual Studio would always open it on the primary monitor. In Visual Studio 2013 Update 3, we have added persistence to remember which screen the Store app was occupying when you stop debugging. This means that your choice will be remembered when the app is closed with Visual Studio using Stop Debugging, Suspend, or Suspend and Shutdown. However, closing the app with Alt-F4, dragging to the bottom, using the new close button, or Task Manager will not remember your settings.

With the previous behavior, relaunching a Store app from Visual Studio will always open on whichever monitor was specified as the main display.

Now Store apps will remember which monitor it was moved to when relaunching!

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  • This is nice, but only for development - otherwise I've never met anyone using a Windows Store/Metro/Modern app in a multi-monitor/desktop setting - Windows Store apps are suitable only for tablets/touchscreens.. Somobody having 2 touchscreens connected to the same computer is extremely rare (and wery unpractical)..

  • This is a very welcome change. A minor change removing a minor nuisance.

  • Hi George,

    We've never met so I suppose this doesn't really change anything, but I currently have 3 "store" apps open across two monitors (none of which have the slightest bit of touch capability). At work you can extend that two three (non touch) monitors occupied by a mixture of desktop and store apps.

  • One setup I've seen people use is a Surface Pro with an external monitor. Visual Studio is open on the bigger non-touch monitor, but the apps they are writing are pulled up and interacted with on the tablet.

  • Thank you! Very happy to see this.

  • Regarding Studio 2013 Update 2:

    In Universal Apps there is no option to add an existing class as link in HubApp.Share. Can you please address this?.



  • @Jiten

    Can you please post this on the Visual Studio Update 2 site:

    Or even better file a suggestion (on UserVoice) or Connect bug for it? Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the Debugger, so we aren't able to help.


  • this is amazing experience with window 8.1.In window 8.1 are wonderful apps installed.

  • This is very welcome change.But only for development.

    But i am very happy to see this.

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