Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate now available in the Virtual Machine Azure Gallery

Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate now available in the Virtual Machine Azure Gallery

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(Editors Note: Updated the post 4/29/2015)

With out a doubt the easiest and fastest way to get started with Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate is to use the Azure virtual machine image that was also released today.  This has gotten to be so mainstream that when we make preview builds available to our MVPs half of them are now choosing virtual machines as their experience of choice.   Note: If you are using the Azure preview portal this Virtual Machine image will be available tomorrow.





As recently as a year ago I couldn’t imagine what I would need cloud based resources for…I had my solid state drives and the process of updating my Team Foundation Server instances down to an art form….Now i couldn’t imagine my life without my virtual machines in Azure! So when I saw we were releasing Visual Studio 2015 RC by Soma; I immediately went my Azure Gallery to see if it was there…and sadly it wasn’t.   But one of the perks of working at Microsoft is the fact I often know the people that own the release channels so I sent out a quick piece of email to “Boris” and the reply was “No worries, we will have it up in an hour”…well here it is an hour later and true to his word the VM is live!

Thanks Boris!

If you are an MSDN Subscriber and you are not taking advantage of your included (i.e. FREE) Azure minutes you really are missing out!



For folks that are still old school, you can download the release candidate today and read about the new features and known issues in this first Visual Studio  2015 Release Candidate

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  • Thanks, I ended up setting up my own last night, but it's nice to know if I want a clean one, I can just grab a pre-made one and save the installation time. Is this something you plan to do with future VS preview releases?

  • Fired mine up this morning! Too cool to just spin up a VM in Azure with the VS CTP installed. ASP.NET vNext default project is looking spiffy. JSON configs and all kind of goodies...

  • I was ask by a dev team if the Visual Studio Vm's are allowed to be used for production code. If the dev only has a VS premium MSDN and they has access to creating a vs ultimate vm something doesn't jive there.

    My answer would probably be no...are there any links to back this up?


  • Hi,

    I am a MSDN subscriber but not sure if I

    have access to free VM's. Please guide me

    through the process of setting up VM to

    use VS 14 CTP

  • @Madhava Naresh, you can check to see how to get your free Azure benefit.

  • Great stuff!

    It's pretty straightforward to click through and get this going. It'd be really cool if a PowerShell script were provided that could just run.

    Thanks for the image.

  • Got VS14 CTP running in a vm.

    Can you deploy the starter vNext site to a host via ftp or at this point is our testing limited to localhost and azure?

  • Worked for me - thanks for a great timesaver!

  • Hi Charles, thanks for posting this info, I'm just off to try the new VM!

    There are actual 2 versions available now:

    7/8/2014 and 8/4/2014

    As I am not confident that the Azure Portal has mapped the dates to my region (i.e. dd/mm/yyyy), can you please confirm with "Boris" :-) which one is the most recent?  My guess would be 8/4/2014.

    Maybe also suggest a better naming convention would be yyyymmdd ....

  • Hello Bob,

    I only see one Visual Studio "14" CTP Image.  Can you send me a screen shot of both images in the gallery?



  • i have a microsoft visual studio 2010, but I've just got the sql server 2014 but it's no working with my visual studio, so what can i do ?

  • hi bob all :)  thanks for a great timesaver!

  • Thanks for this.  Is there any chance at having a higher SKU, we are a partner that uses the ALM tools, especially Coded UI?


    Homer Pope

  • hello friends is there any way if I want to install VS 15 in less time then should i uninstall the vs 13 or keep it in the directory????

    thanks in advance

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