I see a lot of different organisations and meet many development teams and the impression I get is that Agile, and Scrum in particular, is the main software development process in use. However, it’s hard to get clear statistics, and a lot of the industry studies are a few years old. On top of that, there’s an increasing interest in some Lean approaches such as Kanban.

I had the opportunity to ask the question “What Agile or Lean process do you use?” in a recent MSDN Flash Newsletter and I thought the results were worth sharing as a snapshot from a UK perspective:


I wouldn’t claim this is scientific or necessarily representative (was it a self-selecting group that is inherently more Agile focussed?) but the interesting aspects I drew from this were:

  • Total using any kind of Agile or Lean process: 59.85%
  • Scrum is by far the single most dominant approach at 34.65%
  • Total that aren’t currently using an Agile process but would like to be: 26.77%
  • 7.87% don’t think Agile is appropriate for their projects

So, from this, the majority either use or would like to use an Agile process (86.62%), the dominant single approach is Scrum (34.65%) with blended approaches (e.g. Scrumban) the next most popular at 8.66%, just ahead of Kanban itself at 5.51%.

I’ll see if I can repeat this on a regular basis in the future to see how this changes over time.