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  • Blog Post: Rename files using PowerShell ‘a one liner’

    Back to PowerShell today! I had few files to be renamed and they were about 500 odd of them. Renaming each and every file by hand would be a real pain. I thought of writing a PowerShell one liner to get this thing done and to my surprise it did my job in a few seconds. Here is the scenario: I have files...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell ExecutionPolicy and Win7

    In my previous post I faced a problem on executing a script in PowerShell. I just blindly ran the command as shown below and got my work done. This is not a good practice, neither in Development nor in Production. I quickly changed it to the recommended RemoteSigned . The registry setting for the same...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell First Step

    I am learning PowerShell and with all the video’s I saw I must say I am impressed. I have subscribed to the internal discussion group and the PowerShell team blog link. Join me in my journey of exploring this new and powerful technology. I took a script IPConfig.ps1 and saved it in C:\Temp folder. I...
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