So, you’ve never heard about Podcast? Never mind, Podcast is yesterday. PiMCast is the new means by which we will consume information, learn about new technologies and hear AND SEE snippets from other people’s lives in the form of video downloads for our Portable Media Center (PMC) devices. Even though these devices are not yet widely spread, a few enthusiasts already started sharing their recordings of ‘Friends’, ‘West Wing’ or other soaps for download and watching on the PMC. But wait, there is more.


Sources at Microsoft told we should think about PiMCast as of a newspaper, a TV show, a video diary and an education channel to go. All for download onto your Portable Media Center device. Hype? Flash in the pan? Maybe yes, maybe no. Conceived by 2 evangelists of the Microsoft Platform Strategy team in Redmond, known as Castor and Pollux, this initiative started just a few days ago.


Inspired by the tremendous success of Channel 9, the PiMCast team offers us streaming video or PiMCasts to go and by that complementing their efforts. Initially targeting demands for educational and training videos, the team has plans to expand the PiMCast idea. While in the beginning we can enjoy the latest video messages or training casts about J2EE, 64-bit or Active Directory for free and downloadable off their website, over time they expect to share videos – or like they say “PiMCasts” from you and me.


What does PiMCast stand for? Portable Media Center Cast or in short PMC-Cast or PiMCast. In the future content provided via will be specifically designed for PMC devices. Castor and Pollux: “Seeing is believing.”