Can’t promise anything. But. The CCE team submitted 3 sessions for PDC. As always, submitting does not mean you get the slots. There are so many cool things going on and so much stuff to cover at PDC, you can be lucky if you get 1 or perhaps 2 sessions.

Oh, and we’re planning for a HPC hands-on lab. That will be fun! Don’t you think?


Well, in case we miss the opportunity at PDC, there is SC2005, this year in Seattle, with plenty of options to play with HPC stuff from Microsoft.


 I update this blog since I forgot to post the HPC sessions we submitted for PDC:
1. High Performance Computing with Microsoft’s Compute Cluster Solution
2. Developing and debugging MPI applications with Microsoft’s Compute Cluster Solution
3. Parallelizing Legacy Applications to Utilize High Performance Computing Clusters