Oh no, 64-bit again. Please, leave me alone. ... Can't do that. While the Microsoft evangelism team does not evangelize 64-bit directly anymore (there's no program or alike), we (and I in particular) continue to receive a lot of questions on 64-bit development.

Mainly due to the fact that our HPC solutions are only available on 64-bit server platforms. I guess it is time to start posting a bit more about 64-bit in the future. Let me start with something quick and easy.

imageOur portal back from the good old days of 64-bit evangelism, www.64advantage.com, is no longer active and people sent email asking about the content that was available on that site. A recent email from a developer reminded me to start uploading content.

You can find the old but not outdated "64-bit Insider Newsletter" on the new Microsoft HPC community portal. Go to www.windowshpc.net into the resources section. Here you can filter the content by using the tag browser on the left (See image). Filtering by Windows 64-Bit will list all the newsletters previously posted to www.64advantage.com
You can also use this link to go directly to the results page.

Please let me know if you are missing other stuff too.