Later this year Microsoft ships the second version of the Windows HPC Server SKU, Windows HPC Server 2008. This product is a real milestone product for Microsoft and – I certainly hope – for the industry as a whole.

Tejas Karmarkar a HPC Solution Specialist at Microsoft: "Microsoft is making wider adoption of HPC possible by moving “SILO’S” or “ISLAND’S” of HPC in to integrated data center infrastructure. The workflow and interaction with HPC environment can be made seamless by using other Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory, Windows Deployment Services, and Microsoft Systems Center etc."

Windows HPC Server 2008 is about high performance computing on the Windows platform. Or highly productive performance computing how we call it on our main product website

As with any other Microsoft product there’s a huge amount of information available. Sometimes the amount of resources and the number of different websites can be overwhelming.

Below a categorized list of resources I find very useful to get you started with Windows HPC Server 2008 and perhaps even give you a head start. Even though some links only made it to the misc. section, they point to very useful resources on the web!

The list is by far not complete and it is likely that I forgot to mention one or the other resource. If you know of any great resources that I have missed, please leave me a note.

Getting started with Windows HPC Server 2008

Value of Windows HPC Server 2008

Administration and maintenance of Windows HPC Server 2008

Using Windows HPC Server 2008

Developer for Windows HPC Server 2008

Migrating existing application to Windows HPC Server 2008