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  • Blog Post: Got Rain, want Sun?

    Here’s 3:45 hours of uninterrupted sunshine in Redmond, WA. Camera view out of my office window on One Microsoft Way. Time lapsed to 8 minutes. Enjoy the sun. Video: Seattle Sun
  • Blog Post: Got Rain?

    Here’s 2 hours of uninterrupted rain shower in Redmond, WA. Camera view out of my office window on One Microsoft Way. Time lapsed to 8 minutes. Enjoy the rain. Video: Seattle Rain
  • Blog Post: Blue Planet Run

      Thanks Robert . In a post about journalism Robert Scoble points to a book " Blue Planet Run ". In Robert's words: "It’s a stunning book. Shocking." The Rick Smolan book is available for free on Amazon . Spend time assimilating the pictures and read the texts if you ....
  • Blog Post: WWW 2008

    Not what you think. WWW stands for World Water Week . This week is World Water Week. At least for me it almost went completely unrecognized. Thankfully it did not. Almost every night I watch the German news magazine Tagesschau . Old habits. They did a short snippet about the WWW in Stockholm. One of...
  • Blog Post: New Microsoft Product leaked on TechNet Edge

    The guys at Edge really have chutzpa. Don't know if they still have a job though. They have leaked a secret new product. If you go now, it might still be on the homepage: edge.technet.com .
  • Blog Post: Sucker

    Depending on who you are, the work sucker has a different meaning. Today I have seen a SuperSucker:
  • Blog Post: Web10

    Did you get the Web 2.0 thing? If you just said yes, you might be wrong. There are too many definitions out there about what Web 2.0 is. In fact, so many definitions from so many different "authorities" that is has become way too confusing. And therefore totally diluted, too. While we are at...
  • Blog Post: I suck at Photoshop

    That's a fact. And I gave up on it some time ago and am still stuck with Microsoft Digital Image 2006. It easy to use and does some of the stuff I want to do ... and ... you can't buy it anymore. Microsoft wants us to use the Expression tools . Great set of tools by the way. But hey, I still have a license...
  • Blog Post: If the answer is 42, what was the matching question?

    The Register posts about the fact that "IBM explores 67.1m-core computer for running entire internet." " The Register has unearthed a research paper that shows IBM working on a computing system capable "of hosting the entire internet as an application." This mega system relies...
  • Blog Post: Garmin Nuvifone

    That's one of the reasons why I am convinced the industry needs companies like Apple. Why else would someone like Garmin come up with a cool device like this, competing directly with the iPhone. I remember buying my first GPS receiver from Garmin about 7 years ago. Not very innovative, not very compelling...
  • Blog Post: Looking for a new home

    I do, but certainly let this (great) opportunity pass: http://www.johnlscott.com/propertydetail.aspx?GroupID=53123523&ListingID=30992518 Virtually Yours
  • Blog Post: Jeff's back

    He has returned to Microsoft from sabbatical ... finding his office occupied by Channel 9 personnel. See for yourself: Virtually Yours
  • Blog Post: AMD developer portal

    Just tried to log on to the AMD developer portal. Maybe they should move their stuff to IIS and the Fx instead. And thanks for the user friendly error message. Virtually Yours
  • Blog Post: Sly Dog

    It makes me angry - mainly about me and not having done enough - when I read stuff like comment 2 to this post. Technical evangelism is about talking to your audience and make them understand the benefits and the impact a feature, technology or solution might have and how it influences a simple decision...
  • Blog Post: Stunningly aluminum

    I agree with Jason , absolutely stunning . If Microsoft does Office for Mac, why doesn't Apple make keyboards for Windows ( I mean, with all the keys I would need...)? I'd buy 2. Virtually Yours
  • Blog Post: Low cost PC and software

    I am a strong believer in enabling as many people as possible to participate in the information age. So I really appreciate initiatives like these: Low-cost PC aims at rural China One Laptop per Child Microsoft cuts Windows Vista price in China But what about people in the US and other so called developed...
  • Blog Post: More computers running Windows than cars on the road

    A stunning tidbit from Ballmer, who spent his childhood in Detroit: Some time next year there will be more computers running Windows than automobiles on the road. Persistence sometimes pays off nicely. Found this in an article on Forbes ' website about Steve Ballmer and Microsoft stock.
  • Blog Post: Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing

    Hide-A-Pod. Hilarious. Thanks Grant . Virtually Yours
  • Blog Post: Wanna be a Simpson

    I don't think so. But it is great fun to build your own Simpson Avatar at: http://www.simpsonsmovie.com/main.html . Virtually Yours
  • Blog Post: Back in Redmond

    After a week in Dresden at ISC'07 and a week off with the parents it is good to be back in Redmond. Especially since it was raining all week in Northern Germany and the weather is so much better here.
  • Blog Post: Bye Bye Dresden

    Dresden is a great city and the people of Dresden have been outstanding hosts. Thank you. Today I am leaving for a few days with the family up North and then back to Redmond, WA. As you have seen from my posts over the last few days, ISC07 was a blast and it was a real pleasure to meet with so many folks...
  • Blog Post: Arrived in Dresden

    After another short flight from Hamburg I arrived in Dresden last night. The weather was (and still is) not too good. Lots of rain showers during the day and night. Be it as it may. A wonderful city with wonderful people. Great to be here. Now, off to the Microsoft ISC'07 staff briefing. Virtually Yours
  • Blog Post: On the road to ICS in Dresden

    Almost there. After a bad night sleep on SAS 938 (the f... seat was not working and totally worn), I have arrived in Hamburg, the second stop over on the way to Dresden. Internet access (wireless) is EUR 5.00 per hour using the SPECTRUM hotspot. Are these guys nuts? Well, at least Internet access. On...
  • Blog Post: YouTube providing videos in H.264 Format

    Cool. I found the info on MacNN . I am (still) not a big YouTubby (someone who watches videos on YouTube) but this might change and I might eventually find good use for my Apple TV and do some youtubbing instead of only watching podcasts. Virtually Yours Technorati Tags: YouTube , YouTubby , youtubbing
  • Blog Post: Pop goes the Mashup

    Nice new mashup tools (for beginners). According to Scoble even I can build my own version of Twittervision in just minutes. Haven't played with mashups or Popfly yet. I guess I'll try it out over the weekend. Virtually Yours Did you notice the URL? http://www.popfly. ms/
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