Houston, we have Beta 1 liftoff.

We have just released a glorious beast onto the world -- Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2005 is now live. In addition, if you look at that URL, you will see that we have also released a new Developer Center for it. This is our first steps at personalizing MSDN -- you will be able to register, and get headlines targeted at your favourite language(s) and technologies.

Oh, and the MSDN Product Feedback Center is also live. Here, you can submit bugs, feature requests and other issues *directly* to the product teams. In addition, as they work on your issues, you can watch the results.

Finally, but hardly least, are the Express products. These are lightweight versions of Visual Studio 2005 that are tuned for specific projects. For example, Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition allows you to create Web sites and Web Services in something that installs faster than many Web pages. Think Web Matrix, but with Intellisense. There's even a contest to create something with it -- see how you can win an XBox and Halo 2, just for coding.

TTFN - Kent