August, 2004

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    IDE Team Looking for "App Building" Ideas

    Its getting about that time when product groups realize they just aren't going to squeeze in all the cool ideas they were looking into for the current release. At the same time the product is starting to become stable enough that it can be used to extend...
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    MSDN Product Feedback Center Team Looking for... Feedback

    The MSDN Product Feedback Center Team posted their priority list yesterday. In many ways, like the Whidbey Beta, the feedback center site is also looking to improve with your assistance before the Whidbey RTM. With their most recent post they have rolled...
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    ASP.NET features postponed

    In order to ensure high quality for ASP.NET 2.0, the team has decided they need to remove a small set of features that are in Beta 1. Shanku provides all the details . For those with click-a-phobia, here's the list: Mobile Device Adapters for ASP . NET...
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    Got collections?

    Of course you do, everyone works with collections. Wintellect would like to help you work with better collection classes , and they'd like you to help create them. From the site: Leading the development effort is Peter Golde, formerly a Lead Designer...
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