You moved to Windows 7 and tried to deploy and install Arabic or right-to-left VB6.0 application on this environment.


The VB 6.0 applications is working but with some exceptions.


Some symptoms of the issues:

        In VB 6IDE the devs are not allowed to set RighToLeft=True.

        Menus are Left aligned and is LTR

        Radio buttons: the circle is correct on the right, however, the text is left aligned and not right aligned

        Edit controls: the alignment is correct but in LTR reading order, so the neutral characters are misplaced on the right, instead of the left.

        ListBox and combobox, the dropdown button & list scrollbar are on the right , while the expected that they should appear on the left

        GroupBox, title is on the left, instead of the right.

There might be other issues, but the above were the most obvious and annoying from the customers perspective.


We identified that there is an issue with displaying right-to-left VB 6 applications in Win7 and there is a hotfix to fix your problem.

The hotfix is available for download at

You have to request it and the support team will send the hotfix to your email within a few minutes.