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  • Blog Post: Importing & Exporting Custom Prototypes

    You may not be aware, but within Visual Studio Architecture Edition you can create customized versions of the applications, servers, endpoints, and zones that you find in the Distributed System Designers Toolbox. You can add these customized versions to the Toolbox as custom prototypes. For more...
  • Blog Post: Team Architect Power Tools

    We've just released the Team System Architecture Edition Power Tools. The new download is available here This release requires Orcas Beta 2 . Features in this release are : Class Libraries on the AD/SD View Class Library projects on the AD View references to Class Library projects...
  • Blog Post: New Path Editor for the Domain-Specific Language Tools (DSL Tools)

    In the DSL Tools, paths are used in a DSL definition to specify how to navigate from one object in the domain to another. They are used in various parts of the DSL definition, such as: · Compartments: a path specifies which elements will be displayed in the compartment ; · Decorator maps: a path...
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