Just wanted to point to an awesome post by Josh (yo, Josh – it’s Alan or Yair or yag, not Alen <g>). Ken Levy and I were interviewed today for Scoble’s “Channel 9” – and we got into a bit of a discussion of community and the change that I’ve seen in the just over two years that I’ve been here. A Josh mentioned, the community rooms are starting to fade away – but that’s because interacting with customers is becoming an innate part of the culture – it’s not there yet, but I think that you’ll be pleased with some of the upcoming things that we’ll be doing to become more transparent. I’ll definitely be blogging about those things as they come to pass.

By the way, this is something that I give a lot of credit to upper management as well as the folks working on it day to day. Within several weeks of my joining Microsoft, Susan Warren, Olivier Ribet and I were meeting with Steve Ballmer and Eric Rudder presenting thoughts on integrating community better into the company. It’s nice to see when a company of this size sees that it needs to fix something and goes about doing it – and exhilarating to be part of it.