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April, 2004

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    MVP Summit pics (by yag)

    I couldn't resist - so I figured I'd post a few of my pictures from today ... Scoble proving he's a Longhorn evangelist (one of the MVPs got him the hat ) Some of the Fox MVPs and team in Seattle Center (from back: Alex Feldstein, Garrett...
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    The MVP Summit kicks off (by John Koziol)

    Today the MVP Summit was launched here in Seattle. Hundreds, probably over a thousand, MVPs from around the world converged today for a host of technical and social sessions over the next few days. Speaking as a former MVP from 1998-2001, it's wonderful...
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    Great day with the MVPs (by yag)

    Spent the day with the MVPs today. First, a bunch of us went on a walking tour of Seattle. Great day for a walk. Did the usual circuit - Pike Place Market , the monorail to Seattle Center , Space Needle , Experience Music Project and listened to a bunch...
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    Amen, my brother... (by yag)

    From Don's blog today: I spent most of the last decade honing my ability to absorb complexity and detail and translate that complexity into working programs. I'm spending this decade trying to make that premise seem ridiculous, at least on the platform...
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