So tonight at the MVP summit we were having a dinner at the company cafeteria nearest our offices. I went into the cafeteria right before the 1st MVPs showed up, determined to reserve enough space so that the Fox MVPs could sit together. Found two tables in the corner but what to do....hmmm...ah, yes, the old super-sized VFP 7.0 box. I grabbed it from it's prominent perch in a corner window and - with Woody and Christof's help - positioned it on chairs in front of two tables.

And it worked! I think. Anyhow, the two tables were reserved and we were able to keep the gang together.

Now here's the exposure part:  We were the only product team to have a sizable icon in the room so some folks gravitated over to the VFP box to have pictures taken with the box. So, I suspect tomorrow there will be pics of developers with the Fox Box posted all over kingdom come.  Yee haw!

Glad I could help (lol).