If you are having any problems with Visual Studio 2005 Beta1 in regards to VS DATA tools or in general let us know so that we can try and help you guys out.

For VS DATA features take a look at the following

Visual Data Tools Read Me Items for Visual Studio Beta1 2005


Using Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005

Connection from Visual Studio 2005 to SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 is supported within this Beta release however connection to SQL Server 2005 Beta 1 is not available and will render the following message

“This build of Yukon is not supported. You must have build 736 or later.”


Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 can be installed and run on the same machine however if you uninstall SQL Server 2005 you will have to run the repair of Visual Studio from the Visual Studio 2005 CDROM only to ensure you maintain the same Visual Studio functionality. In the case of any of the Express SKUs installation, you would need to reinstall that respective Express SKU.


SQLCLR Written Routines

The timeout value for deploying routines onto the SQL Server is currently non configurable and will time out after 15 seconds. During the Build and Deploy process of these routines the output messages appear to be truncated within Database Output Window. SQLCLR debugging is not fully supported in this release of Visual Studio in that only the first call to the SQL Server is supported, for subsequent calls to the same server only TSQL debugging is enabled.


TSQL Debugging of Stored Procedures with SQL Server Express 2005

When making connections to SQL Server Express please specify the full server instance name(i.e. avoid using "." or "localhost"). By using "." or "localhost" as the server name you will lose the ability to debug Stored Procedures.


Database Projects and Scripting

Database Projects functionality is available and stable to use in this release. The opening of a saved Database Project on a different machine is not supported in this release. The creation of SQL Scripts such as store procedure, triggers(except View Triggers), database query is stable. Scripting of tables is supported provided you do not have a computed column within that table. Scripting of synonyms and object permissions is not supported in this release.


Data Designer\Builders\Editors Tools

View Designer, Table Designer and Query Builder are stable to use. The Table Valued, Scalar, Inline, Stored Procedure and Triggers Editors are also stable to use. The Design SQL Block also works within Triggers, Stored Procedures and Functions(however your Editor will switch to READ-ONLY while you are designing your SQL within the Query Designer, you must close the Query Designer to enable the editor again). The Verify SQL command is currently only available for queries which do not contain a parameter and are using the SQL managed provider.


Server Explorer/Database Explorer

The Server Explorer is working well. Enumeration of stored procedures can be slow at times; the opening of group stored procedures is not supported in Visual Studio Beta1 release. For Express SKUs C#, J# and Web Developer Express within the Create New SQL Server Database dialog, creation of a SQL Server Express database or MSDE database is not supported in this Beta release. Other points to note for an Oracle connection expanding the Synonyms node causes an unhandled exception and Oracle triggers are not displayed within the Server Explorer.