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October, 2004

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    SQL Server Express and VB6 (by yag)

    Scott Swigart over at 3Leaf has posted a blog entry titled "SQL Express: The Little Engine that Could" . In it, he shows how the great new capabilities of SSE can be used by VB6 developers instead of Jet (Access) databases. My only response to this is...
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    Use Whidbey to Debug TSQL/CLR Procedures On Yukon Server(By Samuel Zhang)

    There is a nice feature in Visual Studio 2003 that allows user to debug TSQL on SQL Server. With Whidbey, you can do that with Yukon Server, not only that, you can also debug CLR Managed Procedure/Function/Trigger from Server Explorer! In current Whidbey...
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    Developer Division Updates now on Channel 9! (by yag)

    A number of months ago, Mairead O'Donovan of my team discussed how we were doing in shipping the first beta of VS 2005. Alex Kipman did the same . At that time, a conversation began in blog comments, emails and community sites about how we could best...
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    Data Designer EXtensibility (by Milind)

    Visual Studio 2005, as in past releases, provides a strong design time experience for SQL Server. But for the first time, in VS 2005, we have added the ability to extend some of the key data features to any data source or any data provider. This is available...
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