To borrow Aerosmith from their excellent Toys in the Attic album.

Anyhow, I've been fighting some illnesses lately and the medication I'm taking leaves me loopy in the evenings - just the perfect time for me to blog. Hence, no blog entries in a while.  Sorry about that, folks.

We've also been very, very busy getting Visual FoxPro 9 ready for primetime. There are a lot of exciting changes to the product and a ton of work we're doing to make sure the product is thoroughly tested and vetted.

Starting soon I'm going to post in-depth looks at some of the new features and changes to legacy features that you might not see in the VFP media or elsewhere....neat little stuff.

If there's anything about VFP 9 you think would be a cool topic to discuss or that you don't think is getting bandwidth elsewhere, please drop me an e-mail.