I went to the audition in SF last Thursday. I needed to answer 35 or 50 questions correct; I got 32. At least I'm pretty sure of that as they don't tell you the answers nor do they give you your score.

The night after the testing, I decided to write down what I had missed and what I had gotten right. Oddly enough, I had no problem remembering every question I had no clue of, and little issues remembering those I had to think long and hard about whether right or wrong. After an hour of contemplation, I was also able to compile a partial list of questions that I am pretty sure I got right.  Well...VERY sure as a subsequesnt web search indicates.

What's weird is that I can't remember a thing about the 10 or so questions that I had written the answer down (with 99% surety) before they finished asking the question.

I'm not sure what I can divulge and what I can't.  My worst nightmares about being hit with literature, Shakespeare, and classical composer questions - which I'm very bad at - came true. These types comprised about 1/2 of the ones I missed. I have to admit there were 3 I normally would have gotten but I was flustered by the fast pacing. 

Anyhow, I'll keep trying.  I will get on the show! 

To the many folks who emailed encouragement and tips - thank you VERY much.