As you may notice the Visual Studio Data (vsdata) blog is evolving.  It is great to see more blogs come out from this team (special thanks to our driver PMs: Beth and Yang) and more bloggers, especially developers and testers, contributing to the content.  I think this is a great way to communicate with our customers and we do love the feedback.  

The team members own a wide range of Visual Studio features mostly around data access technologies. To give you a better idea what these features are, let me list some technologies and tools you can search for that are closely related to us. (Well, this list is what I can think at this moment and not an official list from the team).

Data Sources Window,  Data Sources Wizard,  Object Data Source,  Drag and Drop,  Data Binding in Winform/WPF /Silverlight/RIA Service;  

ADO.Net,  Typed DataSet,  Typed DataSet Designer,  TableAdapter,  Hierarchical Update, N-Tier Design, Linq over Typed DataSet, Entity Framework;

Data Designer Extensibility (DDEX), Server Explorer, Data Explorer, Database Explorer, Connection Dialog, Query Designer, View Designer;

Local Data, Access Database, SQL Server, SQL Server Compact, SQL Server Express, Occasionally Connected Applications, Sync Designer;

WCF, Web Service, ADO.NET Data Service.

The top level MSDN references for accessing data in Visual Studio are here:

VS2010 Beta1 version:

VS2008 version

Well, the team also owns other features like Class Designer, Visual Basic Powerpacks.  So don't be surprised if any member has a post on those topics. J

Again, I appreciate any feedback you may have, especially on our blog contents.