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  • Blog Post: Silverlight Object Binding in Visual Studio 2010 Beta2

    Visual Studio 2010 provides drag-and-drop data binding from the Data Sources window in Silverlight applications. The Data Sources window simplifies the process of creating data-bound controls to present application data to users. This example shows how to display data from 2 related business objects...
  • Blog Post: Debugging with Local Database File

    Most of the time, your business application needs to deal with data stored in a database. Sometimes the database is on a remote server, while sometimes it is a local database file (SQL Server Compact database file, SQL Server Express database file, or Microsoft Access database file). One of the frequently...
  • Blog Post: WPF Data Binding: Bind a generic object on a WPF designer

    In Visual Studio 2010 Beta1, we have enabled data binding experience for a few data sources on WPF designer. Generic object or business object is one of them. Besides this, we have also supported multiple object selection in data source configuration wizard. I will show you all of the above features...
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