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  • Blog Post: SQL Azure Support in Visual Studio 2010

    Visual Studio 2010 supports data connections to SQL Azure , query designing, data manipulation, and data binding operations in your C#/VB applications. Connecting to a SQL Azure Database SQL Azure can be viewed as a subset of SQL Server 2008. Therefore, when you add a SQL Azure data connection inside...
  • Blog Post: Refresh the Primary Key Identity Column during Insert Operation

    If you have an identity primary key column defined in a database table, its value will be automatically set by the database engine when you insert a new row to the table. The identity value is determined by the column’s Identity Seed and Identity Increment properties. While in your client application...
  • Blog Post: How to Workaround Sorting Errors when Updating Self-Referencing DataSet Tables with Visual Studio 2008 SP1

    Hierarchical update is an important feature of typed dataset that refers to the process of saving updated data back to a database while maintaining referential integrity rules. This feature is enhanced in Visual Studio 2008 by introducing a TableAdapterManger component to manage all TableApdaters in...
  • Blog Post: VS 2005 patch for SQL Server 2008

    SQL Server 2008, Noverber 2007 CTP was recently released. We've also released a CTP of Visual Studio 2005 Support for SQL Server 2008 . This will enable you to use VS2005 against SQL Server 2008. For more information about this patch, see the Knowledge Base Article 942246 .
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