I’d like to welcome you to the VS Core Editor Team’s blog!  


First allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Sean Laberee and I’m a Program Manager with this team.  I work on the Core Editor, Find, Object Browser and Class View.  I originally joined Visual Studio as an intern back in 2000.  I graduated from the University of Waterloo last year (Yes, I’m Canadian) and I’ve been working on the Editor Team ever since.


I’m excited to talk about the new features that the Editor team has been working hard to introduce for Whidbey (aka Visual Studio 2005).   Over the coming weeks and months we’ll have postings on these new features: 

  • Code Snippets
  • Smart Tags
  • Find and Replace
  • Code Definition Window
  • Call Browser
  • Emacs and Brief emulations
  • and other new features….  


We’ll also be posting tips & tricks for getting the most out of Visual Studio.  There must be at least a dozen hard to discover features that can really help out in day-to-day programming.  For example, did you know that pressing Shift+Alt+<Arrow Key> will enable box selection?  Or that Ctrl+I is incremental search?


This is a team blog so you’ll be seeing posts from the developers, testers and designers who are creating the next version of the VS Core Editor.   I hope that you find it interesting to read and to get to know us.