Hi -

My name is Mynor Ivan Muralles.  I am a developer in the Editor/Nav team.  I have worked in different features of Object Browser and Call Browser.

Call Browser is a tool for displaying call graphs.  Given a function or method, Call Browser will tell you:
(1) Methods that call the given method.
(2) Methods that are called by the given method.

There are multiple scenarios where Call Browser is useful.  For example, if you are modifying a method (adding a parameter, changing its semantics, etc...) and you want to know what other methods will be affected by that change, you can use Call Browser to find out those methods and update them accordingly.

Another scenario is if you are trying to understand a new component.  Call Browser can help you view which methods are called from a given method and which methods call the given method.  Seeing this information graphically is very useful.

Hope this helps and please send us any other questions you might have.