March, 2009

  • Visual Studio Editor Blog

    How do you use Tab Size and Indent Size?

    The Editor team wants to build the best product possible, and we need your help! This week, the team would like to ask for direct feedback on how you use tab size and indent size. Tab size is the amount of space each tab occupies, while indent size is...
  • Visual Studio Editor Blog

    New Editor, New Font: 10-pt Consolas

    To complete the VS 2010 Editor’s new look, we’re updating the default font to 10-pt Consolas! It’s a fixed-width font that Microsoft’s typography experts designed specifically for developers, so it’s great for reading and writing code. Consolas also has...
  • Visual Studio Editor Blog

    Visual Studio 2010 UI Unveiled

    You may have seen a glimpse of the Visual Studio 2010 editor in the past couple of months, but you've never seen it look like this! At VSLive! in San Francisco last week, Visual Studio General Manager Jason Zander unveiled a completely new UI for Visual...
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