The Editor team wants to build the best product possible, and we need your help!  This week, the team would like to ask for direct feedback on how you use tab size and indent size.  Tab size is the amount of space each tab occupies, while indent size is the amount of space automatically inserted for each level of indentation at the left of a line.  Both options can be found in Visual Studio under ToolsàOptionsàText Editorà[Your Language]àTabs, and by default both are set to 4 spaces.


For example, if you turn on visible whitespace with tab size = indent size = 4, your code would look like this:

Tab Size = 4, Indent Size = 4.  Click for best quality.


But with tab size = 4 and indent size = 8, the same code would look like this: 

Tab Size = 4, Indent Size = 8.  Click for best quality. 


One of the many advantages of the new editor is that unlike previous versions, Visual Studio 2010 can support multiple font faces and multiple font heights.  With this new capability, there are more choices than ever for how to format your code, which led the Editor team to some interesting design questions.  We want to make sure we design features that look great and feel natural in your most important use cases.  With that in mind, we'd like to know:


·         What are your preferred tab & indent size settings?  Why do you choose that particular configuration?

·         Do you keep tabs or insert spaces?

·         Is there a case where you use different tab & indent sizes?  If so, please tell us the scenario.

Feel free to leave a comment or use the Email link.  The more we understand about how you use Visual Studio, the more we can improve it.  And stay tuned for the next post, when we’ll give you a sneak peek and a chance to tell us what you think about an updated UI for code outlining.

Brittany Behrens
Program Manager, VS Platform Team