We have seen few issues  with the installation of VC++ redistributables. You are always welcome to involve us for the installation issue. However, if this issue is part of another issue and you just want to fix it instead of waiting on us, you could follow the steps below and if the issue still persists, you could involve the appropriate team.

Most of the cases, we see the following error  when the customers try to install the VC++ redistributable 2005, VC++ redistributable 2005 SP1, VC++ redistributable 2008, VC++ redistributable 2008 SP1.

clip_image002 clip_image004

In the Event viewer, you might find the following:


This error means that the package is missing the source for the VC++ redist which is “vcredist.msi”. Hence we need to get the “vcredist.msi”  and point this installation to that file.

Why does it happen?

It is one of the best behaviors of our own MSI installer, if it does not find the source of the application, it starts the “Resiliency” due to which we see that error.

Where can we get that file from?

Follow the steps below:

Download the Visual C++ 2005 Redist/ Visual C++ 2008 Redist  accordingly.

Run the command mentioned in the image:


We will see the following Dialogue and click on “Yes”.


We will be asked for the location where you want the file to be extracted.


Mention the location :


We will find the following file after the extraction.


Run the same command for the extracted file as well:


Now, we could see the “vcredist.msi” file :


We could point this file to the installation which it was asking for and click on “OK”. After this the installation should go on fine. Normally it does not give any message saying it was successful. We should be good now. If you still experience the issue with the installation please feel free to involve us.

If the issue occurs, with the SP1 for the redistributables, it might not work if  we get the “vcreidst.msi” for the VC++ Redist 2005/2008 SP1. We will need to get the “vcredist.msi” for the RTM.


Content by : Parameswary Pandian