Problem Description:  Installation of the patch is failing with the error message “No valid sequence could be found for the set of patches”.

Entry in the log files:

MSI (c) (00:38) [03:21:20:722]: Note: 1: 2262 2: MsiPatchSequence 3: -2147287038

MSI (c) (00:38) [03:21:20:722]: PATCH SEQUENCE ERROR:  patch1.msp patch is missing sequencing info!

MSI (c) (00:38) [03:21:20:722]: SequencePatches returns error 1648.

No valid sequence could be found for the set of updates.

Cause:  Basically it is due to missing entry from the “MsiPatchsequence” table in the pcp file. If your .pcp file have property “SEQUENCE_DATA_GENERATION_DISABLED =1” then it will prevent the automatic generation of patch sequencing information. If this property is absent, the information is automatically generated and added.


##)) To fix this issue we need to create entry in the “MsiPatchsequence” in the msp file. Open the “patch.msp” file with the orca and add entry in the table.

##)) Also if you want you can directly make changes to the “Patchsequence” table in the “template.pcp”.

Content by : Keshav Jain