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    Inherited Properties and Property Sheets

    In my last post , I talked at length about the various types of MSBuild elements – items, properties, imports, etc. One of the things that I said I would get around to in a later post was to explain what I meant by “inherited properties”, where they came...
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    Insights into the VC++ Project System (Channel 9 Video)

    Bogdan Mihalcea is a developer on the VC++ build and project system team and he's been working on the new project and build system for VC++. He has some great insight to share about the architecture and the advantages that VC++ developers can leverage...
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    Platform extensibility - Part 2

    In my previous blog post on platform extensibility, I introduced you to the data-driven nature of the property pages UI. I explained how a collection of xml files drives the UI but stopped short of describing the contents of these files. I'll continue...
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    Platform Extensibility - Part 1

    Have you ever wanted to write a custom tool (like a custom parser or a compiler) and add it to the VC++ project system? Until now, we had three disparate ways of doing it, viz. Build Events, Custom Build Step and Custom Build Rule. These three methods...
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