Do you have an opinion about Visual Studio and .NET Framework developer Help content? (Kemp Brown)

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Our Help content architect, Kathleen McGrath, has created a short, anonymous survey (15 questions/10 mins.) to gather input on how and when the Visual Studio and .NET Framework developer Help content is used, how satisfied you are with it, and   about areas that need improvement:

  Link to the Visual Studio and .NET Framework Developer Documentation Survey

(Kathleen will also be taking this survey with her to TechEd in June.)

The focus of this survey is content improvement. We want to learn more about the types of applications you're creating, the tools/technologies you're using, and how we can improve our content and code examples to help you achieve your goals.

Thanks in advance for participating!

- Kemp Brown, programming writer

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  • What happened to Access 2003 support?

    I have searched Help but have found not the slightest indication that Visual Studio 2008 has any support for Microsoft Access 2003, although there is a lot of documentation for other 2003 Office Applications.  One of the main reasons I purchased Visual Studio Professional Edition was to deploy Access 2003 runtime Applications and develop Access com add-ins.  I can find no Project templates for Access 2003 so I am unable to do anything.  If someone knows a workaround for this I would appreciate an help.

    Has MS officially dropped Access 2003 from VSTO or do they plan to add support for it in the future? The very least Microsoft could do for us is to allow those who have purchased VSTO to download the Access 2003 Developer's Extensions without charging us for it.

    Patrick Wood

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Do you have an opinion about Visual Studio and .NET Framework developer Help content? (Kemp Brown)