Automatic project conversion / migration (Harry Miller)

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By default, Visual Studio automatically converts Office 2003 projects into Office 2007 projects when you open the project, if you have the 2007 Office system installed on your development computer. But you can change that default behavior.


Forum: Visual Studio 2008 converts its own Office 2003 project

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Andrew Whitechapel's blog: Why is VS development not supported with multiple versions of Office?

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  • Harry Miller , programming writer for office development, has been producing office video tips on the

  • Does unchecking the checkbox make ALL Projects open in their original Office version.  What about versions prior to 2003?

    One other concern is you need to reduce the decibel  level in the microphone sound level for Soapbox, as your voice on this clip and a few others is distorted and much higher than normal.  There are far too much of this happening, even tv stations are doing it and you'd expect them to know better.

  • Oops, please delete my previous comments (both points) I was wrong wrong wrong. It will work for all previous versions of Office (if any are still out there).

    And the problem with the audio is actually in another blog.  It could be you or MSN have fixed the audio level, yet his post is still accessing a different file in the sandbox.  Sorry about that chief.

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Automatic project conversion / migration (Harry Miller)