Troubleshoot VSTO Add-In Load Failures (Navneet Gupta)

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We have helped many developers in troubleshooting VSTO add-in load failures. Hamed has written a very nice blog post explaining the basic steps to troubleshoot VSTO add-in load failures. Even if you have not faced this issue yet, I recommend reading the post because it contains basic information about Office add-ins that developers should know.

Although every scenario is unique to itself; there are some common diagnostic steps that are repeated for every investigation. This PowerShell script complements Hamed’s blog and automates the troubleshooting steps; you may find it useful.

  • As per the tutorial when we choose word 2007 Add-in it will create a solution with two project  

    A)     1)Add-in Project 2) Setup project

    B)      (Visual Studio  menu)Project ->Add component it will display a Ribbon Support

    But when I follows the steps and choose Word 2007 Add-in it will create only one project(Add-in Project).  Setup project is not there. (if I chose Word 2003 Add-in it will create the two project type but I am targeting to 2007 add-in so choosing 2003 Add-in is not necessary)

    Second thing (Visual Studio  menu)Project ->Add component it will display a Ribbon Support is not visible instead it display two temples  Ribbon(visual Designer) and  Ribbon (xml).

    I think my system does not meet the SW requirement .I need to install any more software.

    So anybody can tell me to work with vsto 2005 SE or VSTO 3.0 what is the SW requirement if some additional installation will there what is the link to download.


  • Hi Bilal,

    I am not sure which tutorial you are pointing to.

    The setup project is created only for Office 2003 projects because of VSTO 2005 (SE) Runtime used by Office 2003 don't support ClickOnce deployment.

    The Ribbon/Fluent UI was introduced in Office 2007, VSTO don't ship anything called "Ribbon Support" for Office 2003.

    The Ribbon (Visual Designer) and Ribbon (xml) are two ways to customize Ribbons for Office 2007 and Office 2010.

    The following article explains how to customize Ribbon using Visual Studio.

    To learn more about VSTO 2005 SE and System requirements plese use following links

    The following link has system reqquirements for VSTO 3.0

    The following links contains very useful information about VSTO

    MSDN also has a forum for VSTO questions

    Hope you find this information useful.



  • Hi to everybody.I read all the previous information carefully, but no one trouble relates to me. The problem in that i cannot load the WBS Modeler add-in for Visio 2007. It isn't shown in Visio 2007 menu after installation.

    I checked the registry key and found out that everything is ok with installation, even Loadbehavior value is set to 3. But not in list of COM Add-ins in Visio 2007 nor in menu, WBS modeler is shown.

    Help me this way please, cuz its connected with my job and i cannot do the things right without this add-in.

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Troubleshoot VSTO Add-In Load Failures (Navneet Gupta)