In the Office Developer Center on MSDN, you can now find a good selection of technical articles with sample code for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System. All articles are currently available for our Beta 1 release, and we're ramping up to make new content available as soon as you can download Beta 2.


Visit the MSDN Library, click on Office Solutions Development, then Microsoft Office 2003, and you see categories for Visual Studio Tools for Office. One is for our released 2003 version, and the other for our new 2005 version, which currently contains Beta 1 technical articles.


Today, check out the Estimate solution developed by Sagestone Consulting. I have recorded a brief video clip that shows the solution in runtime mode after downloading it from MSDN and compiling it. This demo is seven minutes long and can be viewed at Demo 13--VSTO 2005 Beta 1 Estimate Solution.wmv. Note that the file size is about 4.5 MB.


--Christina Storm