Sometimes when using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), you want to quickly zip around the application, without using the mouse. We’ve enabled this in MTM with a number of keyboard shortcuts:

Area Shortcut
Backwards Alt+Left, Back Key (multimedia keyboards), and Back button on the mouse
Forwards Alt+Right, Forward Key (multimedia keyboards), and Forward button on the mouse
Home Home Key (multimedia keyboards)
Center Switcher Ctrl+~
Center Ctrl+1 through to Ctrl+0 (the first 10 centers, in the order they appear on the screen)
Action Ctrl+Shift+1 through to Ctrl+Shift+0 (the first 10 actions, in the order they appear on the screen)
New Work Item Ctrl+N
Open Items Ctrl+O, or the Open Key (multimedia keyboards)
Save Ctrl+S
Refresh F5, or the refresh key (multimedia keyboards)
Help F1
Close Ctrl+F4, or Ctrl+W
Go to work item Ctrl+G


Here’s a picture that points out all the buttons & their shortcuts: