We have updated the “Test Case Migrator Plus (Excel/MHT)” tool (previously called Test Case Migrator) on codeplex today!!!

What's new for this version (RC2)

With this new drop in RC2, the following functionality has been added to the Excel based workflow: 

· Migrate not just Test case, but also Requirement/User story and Bug work item types.

· Migrate links (using “Links mapping” dialog (Excel flow)) between different work item types across different invocations/sessions of the tool. Refer to “LinksMapping(Excel)-Internals-Readme.doc” for additional details.

· Default link types supported include:

  • Parent/Child” links between Requirement::Requirement
  • “Related” links between Requirement::Requirement
  • “Related” links between Test Case::Test Case
  • “Related” links between Bug::Bug
  • “Related” links between Requirement::Bug
  • “Tested By/Tests” links between Requirement::Test Case
  • “Tested By/Tests” links between Bug::Test Case

· Create Test plans/test suites as part of migration process for a Test case work item type.

· Create Area/Iteration Paths at runtime based on folder hierarchy specified in excel file for all supported work item types.

· Analyze the migration process across different runs using “Consolidated Excel Pivot reports” (Excel flow) in addition to the session based output excel file.

· Updated and polished UI for the tool – now this is consistent with VS2010 theme.

· Improved and early inline error handling.

No changes have been made to the mht/doc based workflow other than UI polish.


URL: http://tcmimport.codeplex.com/

Readme: TestCaseMigratorPlus(Excel-MHT)-Readme

Links Mapping: LinksMapping(Excel)-Internals-Readme


Ravi Shanker

Program Manager