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We build the testing tools in Visual Studio

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  • Blog Post: Pex and Moles – Test Power Tools from Microsoft Research

    Today we have released two new Power Tools from Microsoft Research, Pex and Moles.  Pex and Moles are Visual Studio 2010 Powertools that help Unit Testing .NET applications.  Pex automatically generates test suites with high code coverage. Right from the Visual Studio code editor, Pex finds...
  • Blog Post: “Run Tests in Current Context” after upgrading from Visual Studio 2010 Beta2

    If you have upgraded from Visual Studio 2010 Beta2, you may have noticed that when using the Visual Studio IDE to run your tests, "Run Tests in Current Context" (Ctrl+R, T) sometimes runs all tests in your solution, rather than just the tests in context.  This can be really annoying if...
  • Blog Post: Test Scribe for Visual Studio 2010 RC – Test Plan Document Generation

    I’d like to announce an update to Test Scribe that is compatible with Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate (RC).  In particular, we’ve addressed some issues in side-by-side with Orcas, and updated the tool for compatibility with the RC release of Visual Studio.  For more information on Test...
  • Blog Post: Switching between test plans quickly

    Most people will be focused on one test plan for a period of time, and won’t be swapping between plans multiple times in a day. But not everyone will be. There are those of you working on multiple test plans at the same time, and need to swap between plans quickly. While there is no UI directly built...
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